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Independent architect of modern houses

Branding for a young but experienced architect. He creates modern, unique and unusual buildings standing out within the British countryside

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Project background

Zub Architecture is a brand of a young but experienced architect. Thomas Zub, after 3 years of running partnership architecture studio Carter-Zub, decided to start his own studio. And he needed branding for it.

During years of work, Thomas has made his name recognisable within an industry and within clients. Hence why it was crucial to keep that recognition and positioning on his name.

The process

Brand attributes

Zub Architecture offers design and building advice with a modern approach and minimalistic style. He helps clients to feel taken care of, looked after and happy.

The uniqueness of Zub Architecture is his European taste and cosmopolite approach.

He addresses his services to middle-upper class, who look for unusual, breathtaking and modern house. 

Looking for an idea

I have made my design decision based on research, analysis and my knowledge of Tom’s style. Logo representing Zub Architecture should be minimalistic and modern. But at the same time should be easy to recognise, unique and scalable.

To build the logo I have used rules of architecture: straight lines, golden ratio and building connections.

The outcome

Logo structure

The logo is built out of the symbol and a logotype.

To build symbol I have used the Fibonacci sequence (golden ratio) which represents 3 connected elements:

  • Letter Z – Zub
  • Letter A – Architecture
  • House/building

Logotype can be used in two versions:

  • Zub on top and Architecture below
  • Zub without an extra word


The new logo looks great in the digital application, website or in the mail. It works great in social media as well as in printed application – business cards, offers or booklets.

Symbol Z/A is universal and scalable to very small size

The first time I’ve used Peter’s services was a few years back when he has created complete branding for our aerial video production business. We were more than satisfied with the overall outcome, so when I‘ve established my architectural practise Zub Architecture I didn’t think twice about who to go to for everything related to brand identity.
All I gave Peter was a business/service description and profile of my target customer – he has then come back to me with several branding options – all reflecting my businesses ethos and overall branding strategy. Working in a creative industry myself I realise the value of good design and the work that goes behind it and I would certainly recommend UX Designer for anything brand-related!
I am sure I will work with Peter again in the near future – I’ve got an absolute trust in his expertise, style and taste and I would happily handover complete control over my next businesses branding!

Thomas Zub

Zub Architecture

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