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Life insurance quote searching app

UX design of the web app which will help you get life insurance for your family. Quick and easy to use.

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UX Audit

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Objective Protect was formerly known as GoSimplify. The rebranding, redesign and strategy change helped to make this service significant.

GoSimplify was a product with great potential, but it wasn’t enough popular to make an impact. The product created by Objective Finance had a separate branding, style and social media. These, without proper management quickly became abandoned. That made the product forgotten.

The process

UX Audit

I have performed a UX audit. User research and behaviour recordings showed me that the product suffers from poor usability, lack of continuity and readability. 

On top of that GoSimplify brand was too disconnected from its mother company. And without a large investment and brand strategy, it wasn’t able to grow enough.


Together with Objective Finance team, we have decided to rebrand GoSimplify. We have connected it to Objective Finance and created Objective Protect. That helped to position the product, and now we can use single social media channels, recognised brand and SEO.

UX Design

Process of buying life insurance in the UK is complexed and users have to answer lots of questions. I attempted to simplify the process.

I have designed a new layout and improved usability. I have changed colours to match the Objective Finance brand and to improve readability. 

The product works great on the phone and the tablet. 

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