Mobile app concept for accountants, lawyers and architects

Initial concept and UX design of the mobile app and web app for secure file sharing. It's dedicated for accounting, law and architecture companies

What I've done

UX Design

iOS App design

Web App design



The project background

IC Docs was supposed to be one of the few connected digital tools. The owner of the idea, CloudKickers company has asked me to design a user experience for their mobile and web app.


Accountants, lawyers and architects work with many clients at the same time. They are required to control hundreds of documents. They need to send important letters back and forth. But at the same time, they don’t have appropriate tools to do it quickly, efficiently and safely.

The remote work, file-sharing system limitation caused frustration and stress.

Hence the idea to build the app which would simplify the file-sharing system. But also, it will do it in a fully secure way, providing 100% security to clients.

The process


I have performed user research among lawyers and accountants. I have been asking them questions about their work and file sharing pattern. The results were surprising.

  • 77% of them was sending confidential documents by mail, and 52% by post
  • 98% of them described a security need as very important. Yet 72% of them used Dropbox, which was known for not ethic work.

The effect

I have designed a prototype of the mobile app and the web app. It was taken for further development.

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