Your business is more than just a logo. Build a company people talk about
Design system
„Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time”
elon musk

What is your branding saying

Branding, it's a cohesive vision of your brand, its voice, values, mission. It transcends from your service idea, through the signboard, packaging, customer service, that newsletter you sent once a week, YouTube channel and Instagram feed. Branding, it's what others tell about you when you are not in the room.

Build the brand people know, like and trust.

Branding components  Branding components  Branding components  


Style and emotions

Logo it's more than just a nice icon. It's an identification element, which people will see the most often.

A well-designed logo transfers values of your brand. It's easy to remember, works well in both – small size on the internet, and as a huge billboard.

I begin designing a logo from understanding your brand, position and the target market, That's way emotions hidden in your logo will match your development direction.

Visual Identification

Photo Style

The brand identification has to be cohesive among all communication channels and should work in both digital and print.

Hence, colours and fonts should match the style, tone, and voice of the brand. Icons, images, and design style will build the brand perception.

For me, the most important is that your brand is honest and unique so it's standing out among the competitors.

Peter Stasiak is designing a logo for small company

Design system

Communication channels

Branding should be cohesive and allows to recognise the brand in all implementations.

I pay attention to all details of the branding, so the design system works in all environments. I design system which allow you to publish a brand content in social media, print, and external applications without losing the brand voice.

One brand, one voice, one style.


Tone and voice
Communication channels
Social media

Your logo, colours and presentation should transfer your values in all communications channels.

No matter if you record a podcast, YouTube video, or talk on the chat, your brand should speak the same tone and voice. But mostly, it has to speak with your voice.

Be loud, descent, luxurious, direct, or funny... Be whatever you want. But be yourself. I will help you to find your voice.

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