my services

my services

I strongly believe that happy user is a better customer. That's why I design experience for your users which makes them to like you more and buy more often.
See how I do it

UX Design

Your website and application are something more than a few nice pictures and a bit of text. It's the business tool whose job is to help solve users’ problems. Well-designed website/app will help the company to grow, and the user to achieve their goals.

I design:
  • Websites adjusted for your business
  • Easy to use mobile and web apps
  • Excellent user experience
  • Quantity and qualitative research
  • UX audit of websites and apps


Branding is not a logo. It’s a whole package. It's the visual identification which speaks the same language, your style, voice, tone. Branding is an opinion about you the others have.

I deliver:
  • Original logo made for your brand
  • Visual identity collaterals
  • Brand positioning session and brand voice discovery


Video has become the king of the content and it will remain there for a while. If you want to be ahead of your competition you need to start creating a brand video. I produce and create promo videos on the internet.

I make:
  • Video ads
  • Promo videos
  • Video production for YouTube
  • Tutorials
  • Explainer videos
  • Video edit


Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way of getting super close to your potential clients. You're getting into their eardrums. Use that channel to promote your business. 

I make:
  • Narrations
  • Voice over
  • Audio for tutorials
  • Podcast editing


A company who speaks about itself instead of having a conversation with clients will not grow. Words and well-told stories sell without selling. Interesting content will bring clients to you and convince them to buy.

I deliver:
  • Convincing copy for websites and apps
  • UX writing
  • SEO writing

Content marketing

Your website will not jump up magically to the top of the Google search. You need content, engagement and marketing to let clients find it. Hence why I help to plan and create content for growing business

I plan and create
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Graphics for social media aligned to the brand language and visual style
  • Editing of book, ebook and magazines

How do I work

I work from home. But that is not such a surprise...
pracuję z domu, projektuję, szkicuję na iPadzie
pracuję z domu, projektuję strony w Figma

Hashtag #NoCode

I am a fan of modern solutions, automatisation and easing life. That’s why I work in the NoCode mode. That means I use apps and tools that let me achieve the desired effect without writing a line of code. 

Figma + Webflow

That is my toolset for building websites. Figma for design and Webflow for development. 

  • Quick design iteration
  • You can see the design
  • Prototyping of the website so you can see how the website looks and work before its built
  • Building a website without writing a code
  • Total creativity and freedom of bespoke design
  • Your website is going to be as you want, not as the template says so (I do not use WordPress at all)

Who I work with

If you have an appetite for a change. If you are not afraid of taking the bold move and ambitious ideas. Then there is a big chance we will work together well.


Until now I used to help growing companies from the North-West. But the recent COVID-19 crisis has enabled many companies to move online. Remote working became the new-normal. So, if the geographical distance is not an issue for you, we can sit next to each other on the internet.

I've said a lot about my work. It’s time for you to see what I've done for my clients. 

How I can help you

If you want to talk about your project

  • Free 30 minute consultation
  • Remote video call via Zoom or Skype
  • The chance to understand your situation

If you prefer to write

  • Mails and chats are always convenient
  • You are ready to start your project
  • You cannot have a call